Beyond feet!

Reflexology holds a special place in my heart. It truly is a wonderful therapy that can be enjoyed by everyone, from childhood right through to our golden years.


The principles of reflexology can be applied in other ways, adapted to suit each individuals needs

and is just as effective when applied to the hands and the face!


Alternative Reflexology provides support and deep relaxation where typical foot reflexology can not be applied.

Hand Reflexology
This is a wonderful treatment on its own or a welcome addition to other treatments. Working the hands is just as beneficial as foot reflexology. 
It is particuary useful where the feet are not accesible, for children where a shorter treatment is required, for the elderly, or just as a relaxaing treat!
It also serves as a very useful self-help tool, enabling the client to maintain the healing effects of their reflexology treatment long after it has finished.
£20   20 mins
Calming Facial Reflexology
A unique way to achieve instant relaxation, reduce stress and improve wellbeing.
This Calming Facial Reflexology sequence is a very gentle treatment.
A combination of firm and very light pressure applied to reflexes on the face, with energy healing techniques and gentle massage, calms and balances the mind, body, and the emotions. NYR Organic facial oil infused with therapeutic essential oils complements this experience.
* An ideal short treatment for children * Suitable for men & women *
* Perfect for those wanting to achieve relaxation within a short space of time *
* An excellent addition to other treatments *
£30  30 Min
Stone Therapy Reflexology

Ultimate relaxation for mind, body and spirit, this unique treatment is a must for anyone in need of complete relaxation. With the placement of chakra stones and crystals the body's energy centres are brought into alignment. Primary reflexes on the feet are worked by hand to create spiritual harmony and physical homeostasis, re-balancing the systems of the body. Hot and cool stones and crystals are applied in massaging movements over the reflexes to further stimulate the healing process and intensify this relaxing experience.


£40   45 Mins

Kids get stressed too!
Facial Reflexology for kids is a great way to help calm and relax.  
Watch the video and practice these techniques on your own children or even your self!
Julie Grint FHT Member
Julie Grint Member Association of Reflexologists
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