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A complementary health therapy that works to promote balance throughout the body, Reflexology is a function of the Nervous System.


Stimulating Reflexes (on the feet and the face) creates a connection with every part of the body, sending messages from the outside to the inside.

It's energetic effects relieve tension on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Deep relaxation within the body and mind helps to resolve the symptoms of stress and facilitate the bodies own natural healing processes.

The methods I use include:

Reflexology Lymph Drainage RLD

Dien Chan Zone Facial Multi-Reflexology

Facial Reflexology Bergman Method

* Information on each method is listed on the Pricing Page.

Facial Reflexology Advanced Bergman Method

Stress, worry, ill-health and the busyness of every day life are all factors that can inhibit the body's natural flow of life force energy (Chi or Ki). When blocks occur they can often manifest into physical symptoms but can impact our health emotionally and mentally too.

Reiki, Crystal Therapy and any energy healing modality create subtle shifts to remove those blocks and restore the free-flow of energy to the body and mind, allowing the body to do what it does naturally, and that's to heal itself.


We cant always do everyting on our own, we all need support and therefore we all need a coach.

My coaching practice focuses on your health and well-being, to drastically reduce stress from your body and mind and promote deep relaxation, as I believe once that's in tact you’ll have the primary foundations in place to create the transformation in your health and your life that you really want.

I bring together a range of holistic strategies to create an individual experience, giving you the tools, the motivation and the support to take you out of where you are now and into where it is you want to be, towards a life where you feel less stressed, more energised and in love with every inch of it and supported every step of the way!



Each treatment / session time is for a minimum of 60 Minutes (1 hour) at an hourly rate of £40.

Treatment times can be extended. This is beneficial if you want to incorporate another healing modality into your session time, add coaching / supportive talking sessions, or to create your own bespoke experience.

For example: 90 Minutes will cost £60, and 2 hours will cost £80.

* I do provide a free of charge initial consultation service.

If you are new to working with me please contact me using the contact form below, or email julie@juliegrint.com and we can schedule in a convenient time to talk about your requirements.

I am happy to discuss time and affordability concerns.

Reflexology (Feet)

Massage stimulation to reflexes on the feet clears blocks to allow a free flow of energy, encouraging all the body's systems to work in harmony. Reflexology is an excellent aid for reducing stress, improving sleep and inducing feelings of deep relaxation bringing about an overall sense of well-being. A method that can be adapted to suit every need, Reflexology is most effective when performed regularly, so please do talk to me about your health goals so I can help you achieve the best results from your treatment.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

This specialised and pioneering method of Foot Reflexology, focusing on the Lymphatic System Reflexes, is renowned for its therapeutic benefits for the relief of symptoms of Secondary Lymphoedema as a result of Breast Cancer. Yet this technique is a must for anyone in need of support for any symptoms arising from stress causing inflammation and is particularly supportive for the Cardiovascular, Digestive and Immune systems of the body, as well as aiding in an improved sense of well-being.

Dien Chan Zone Facial Multi-Reflexology

Derived from Traditional Vietnamese Medicine this method works with facial reflexology zones. Working closely with the nervous system it is a relaxing therapy that engages with the natural intelligence of the body, helping to alleviate presenting symptoms so the body can focus on restoring balance.  There are no oils applied to to the skin and a facial stimulus tool is used in place of fingers. The Receiver is encouraged to maintain self-care by using a guided method from the Operator on them selves at home in between sessions.

Self-Care Packages available. Visit the Packages Page!

Facial Reflexology (Bergman Method)

A unique way to achieve instant relaxation, reduce stress and rejuvenate the complexion. Stimulation to the reflexes on the face enhances the skins radiance, calms the mind and promotes healing throughout the entire body.

A light facial wipe and applied Organic Facial. Reflex points are stimulated by fingers and crystal tools, with massage to the scalp, neck and shoulders.

Reiki & Crystal Energy Healing

A relaxing treatment to promote healing for the entire body - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Methods include hands-on and hands-off healing with or without the use of crystal energies on or around the body. Sensations may be felt, but most of all a deep sense of peace and calm should be achieved.

It's important to note that healing goes beyond the receiver's physical and emotional body, bringing healing to the situation.

Support Sessions / Coaching

It's good to talk! My Support Sessions are a unique Coaching practice that can be both motivational and emotionally supportive.

Having someone to listen to you, without judgement, can help provide the insight and understanding needed to recognise what it is that's keeping you stuck. Once we've established your blocks, we'll work together to remove them and create for you the right structure and support to help you on your journey to achieving the health and the life you want.


I use a range of holistic processes and mindset change techniques to encourage the removal of negative thought patterns, getting your body and your mind out of the STRESS-RESPONSE and your health to a new, higher level so that you naturally take good care of your self.

- Practical solutions - Stress management - Relaxation techniques - New perspectives - Nutritional guidance -

- Lifestyle advice - Energy balancing - Structure - Mindset change - Accountability - Motivation -

- Emotional Support - Weight Control - Healing - Healthy eating - Mind-Body Connection

* Initial consultation required via Telephone, Facetime or Skype (Free)

* Initial Session time is 90 Minutes minimum

* Individual and Bespoke packages available

Please read:

Individual sessions, as and when you want and need them, hold a safe space for you to receive support and guidance. They are beneficial to those who find talking relaxing and helpful to those who need short term guidance, tips and advice to enhance their health or as a maintenance tool to support balance in every area of their life.

Some of you may require something more. You may have never asked for help before, or you may struggle to do things on your own and therefore working with me consistently, with a system specific to your needs and goals, can provide you with the support and accountability necessary to achieve those changes you desire. If you have a specific goal and struggle to stay motivated or feel that you require support outside of our sessions then my 6 Session Course will be most beneficial, giving 100% commitment from me and providing an optimum level of support, structure and accountability to get to you to where you want to be. Whilst this is an intensive course it is designed to alleviate overwhelm, reduce stress and help you create new, healthy habits that simply become just what you do.


Please visit the "Packages" page from the drop-down menu above for special treatment packages and prices to support you on your self-care journey.  Or click here


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